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Jun. 14th, 2020

Name: Ronan Harris Nolan Jr.
Age: 16-17
Height: 5'10"/178cm
Weight: 140lb/64kg
Medical Info: Was hospitalised for hypothermia a couple of years ago, usual things!
Eyes: Dark! I assume brown.
Hair: Black, shaggy, hangs over his left eye. I AM AWARE HIS ICONS DO NOT REFLECT THIS and yes, I know, it pains me too.
Physical Features: Tall skinny beanpole that wears black. He got impaled through the chest with a fiery stick, but got better.  I feel weird pointing this out, but Ronan speaks with a broad Irish accent and will make all kinds of faces if people a) think of him as American or b) think of him as British.

What's Okay To Mention: JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. I am serious. YW is a pretty off the wall series with weirdness and oddity. There is very little anyone could say to actually traumatise him in any way.  He's taken from the end of Not On My Patch for those interested in canon points.

Abilities: Is a wizard! In YW speak, that means he's ... essentially an agent of God, who goes around and kicks the universe until it works again, much like how you kick a faulty photocopier until it works. Thus far in canon we've seen clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, prophecy, becoming the damn ocean, dropping stars on people, creating universes, shapechanging and god only knows what else. Really, the only limitation on Ronan is whether he can describe it and whether the cost of pulling off the wizardry is one he can handle.

Ronan in particular seems to have an affinity for water (he used to be water for all intents and purposes) and thinking kind of laterally with how he does things.  Also, for some reason, dude can do multiple things at once while spellcasting.

He also builds weapons of mass destruction apparently for funsies.  

Notes for Psychics - Apparently his mind is very green. He is also very much >). He's very short tempered, perpetually sarcastic, very good at being annoying when he chooses (which is often) and never shuts up being a sardonic bitch, but is fundamentally good underneath it all. Canon informs me that Ronan is identifiable as an avatar of a Power, probably, so if your character would pick that stuff up, sure, go for it.

He is a gigantic sci-fi nerd too.  Massively so.  Mars, when ripping from his mind what he thinks of when he thinks of "Mars" comes up with the rock opera of War of the Worlds so ... yeah.  Get him talking about sports and he will never shut up.

It is also to be noted that Ronan is kind of ... fiercely proud of being Irish.  A lot. Canon timelines are kind of slippery and until DD releases the updated version of A Wizard Abroad, Ronan grew up during the Troubles because we can do sliding timelines like a pro. He's toned down a lot of his attitude about it, but his national identity is very important to him and anyone digging around in there will notice this.

...also he is topped by animals. :(

Finally, as Ronan is a psychic in his own right, he will know that you're in there, though he may not actually care.

Shapeshifting/Bodyswapping/Spitting at/Stepping on/Etc: Sure!  Though Ronan, much like Han Solo, shoots first.

Hugging/Kissing/Other Non-Violent Physical Contact: BRING IT.

Maim/Murder/Death: ...no. sorry, it would be messy.

Emo/Angst/Drama: pffft man, fixing things is what Ronan does.

Cooking: ...i doubt it. he probably could learn, given that cooking and wizardry are fairly similar, but he lives at home with his parents.


[inside a TREE THAT LOOKS COMPLETELY NORMAL FOR CAMP we have a tall boy having an argument. presumably it is with himself, but the way that he's putting away his tool kit and glaring at a staff is ~interesting~]

Okay, okay, I'll be more gentle next time.  Maybe you should think about being less precious though.  I've got all your parts aligned, I'm just welding them closed, all right?

Secret Santa

Hi there! Uh. I have no idea who you are (no, seriously, it was my partners who assigned you to me) and so FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS. And. Stuff. Because I was hopelessly vague in my Secret Santa thing.



[so we have one (1) invisible (both mentally and physically) teenaged boy taking up a spot on a window in The Chapel of Lurve. He's ... been there quite a while!]
[general thread continuing post goes here. GENERALLY IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE SOMETHING, COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW. It'll generally be cool. \o/]

[IC: Violet's Labs]

[continuation from here.]

Aug. 12th, 2007

[After the Host Club dance which hasn't happened yet, don't you wish your space/time was bendy like ours, some idiotic wizard decided to find out whether time passes in his universe by synchronizing an hourglass to time there. As expected, this was a very stupid powerful magic and yes, it does bring all the angry bitchy magic sensors to the yard.

Ronan himself is on his hands and knees in the middle of a chalk sketched wizarding construct, gasping for air. As one does. The hourglass is in his hand, for people who like to know these things.]

Aug. 4th, 2007

Okay, normally I would say that this is a little soon but uh. Ronan's rapidly become my spammer and so, I think he has enough to talk about first impressions and the like.

So! Comment away and I'll explain his first impressions of everyone. This is just for Ronan, because the others don't have first impressions anymore.

800 comments what?



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